19 days

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Misc


I was going strong. I joined the gym. Went Monday through Thursday. I swam all those days, did stair steppers and weights and then came home and did JM. Then on Friday(day 19) I went out of town and decided since I would be walking a tremendous amount, I would not bring JM with me. I took yesterday off because I was exhausted. But I plan to start my journey again.

I did have results from my 19 days. I lost 2 inches from my bust. 2 inches from my belly, 1.5 inches from my butt, 1/2 inch from my arms and 1/2 inch from my thighs. I am also down 3.8 pounds. Not too bad for not being on a food diet.

I think in order to lose some more though, I am going to have to be on some sort of diet, even if its just weight watchers. I have been eating considerably less since I began. I am simply not as hungry as I used to be. Must be all the activity. I am going to figure out my next step in this journey. Will I start again from day 1, will I try something totally different?.. I honestly do not know at this given moment, but I will ponder it.


One Week Makes One Strong

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Misc

Today I completed my 7th day of the shred. so I am 7/30 into it.

I “walk” monday through friday at a 3.5 incline and 3.5 speed. I will tell those of you out there who are thinking, that is easy, nothing to it… You would be surprised. I actually burn SO much more and get a way better work out doing that then I did when I was running. I work more muscules and my heartrate is just going so much more. I am going to stick with this for a little while longer and see how it goes.

I plan on starting a new endeavor tomorrow. I am not exactly sure if I am going to officially do it yet, but if I do, I think it would not hurt. I am planning on joining the gym and swimming a bit and using a few machines I do not have at home. It would normally be a waste of money for me but the gym is running a special, so for $20 a month I think I can handle that. Tomorrow I also plan on starting two a days. Morning workout and evening workout. This I am not so sure about. I really value my sleep and I need to work on going to bed earlier so that this wont present a problem. I guess I will see how I feel when 6am rolls around.

I also decided I was not going to weigh myself or measure myself until the end of the 30 day challenge. No in between check ins. I dont want to get bummed if I dont see results written on the paper and I dont wanna get cocky if I do. I want to take it one day at a time. I have been feeling great about the fact that I have started to make this change.

That will do it for my weekly check in. Check back with you all next week!

Total Defeat

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I like to think of myself as a strong person.Physically and mentally, so its hard to admit when I have been defeated.

Weight gain is no fun and I am on that bandwagon right now. I no longer feel like hiding under my clothes and numerous layers. I was suposed to start my 30 day challenge of running for 3 miles monday thru friday on June 1st, and guess what. It didnt happen. I got an hour promotion to full time and have been exhausted every day.

Today I told myself enough was enough. So although a few days late, my 30 day challenge has began. I am making a few adjustments however. I am doing the 3o  day shred and am going to pair it with cardio. I dont care if I walk jog or run, the important thing is getting my heartrate up.

So here goes. Day 1/30 done.

Now if I could only change my eating habits over night.

Wish me luck.!.I will check back in a few days.

Starting June 1st I am going to challenge myself to run 3 miles monday thru friday. I am hoping to complete this and lose some weight or shape up. I don’t want to make excuses. No matter how long it takes me to run it, how slow I go, how sore or tired I am, I am going to complete it. Thats 66 miles in the month of June. So join me as I count down the miles. Starting Wednesday June 1st.


Posted: April 12, 2011 in Misc

I didnt get to blog yesterday because my computer is not working. I am trying to troubleshoot the problems(s). That does not mean things are going bad. I had a good orientation yesterday and a great first day of work. I am really excited to go back tomorrow! There is so much opportunity for me. I am excited to learn the program and help out where needed. I feel really good about this and my future at the company. I sure hope that it lasts longer than its supposed to!


No banners today because im logged on as “guest” and my photos are not saved under this user.

It’s A Beautiful Day!

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Misc, Positive

Sunday, what a beautiful day. It is 70 outside. My windows are open and I am Spring cleaning my bedroom. Clean sheets, clean clothing, a little rearranging and some pitching of junk and old stuff.

The breeze feels great!

Tomorrow is orientation. I am a little nervous but I am ready!

Its amazing how nice weather makes you feel so happy! This is going to do wonders for my already new and improved attitude towards life!



Thought this would be silly. I was so hungry last night and I craved a lot of stuff but didnt know what I wanted. I just was thinking of all the things that are supposed to be eaten in portion and moderation that I could polish off in a day.

I will add to the list throughout the day.

1)Bottles of juice (applejuice, orange,grapefruit, fruit punch,cranberry…)

2)Jars of applesauce

3)containers of yogurt

4)Ben and jerry ice creams

5)candy bars/bags of candy

6)bags of chips and salsa


8)cherry cheesecakes

9)frosted sugar cookies from bakery


What is on your list of things you can eat!!!

I will add to mine when I think of more!

I mean I am just being honest. I dont think I would regularly be able to eat these things every day. But on the occassion it could happen. Yuummmm this list makes me hungry!

I am going shopping today for a new work outfit!

Have a great Saturday!